PrimaGenX is a feature-rich high-end cloud-based platform which consumes data from various things like Sensors, IoT devices, OBDII interfaces in real-time or batch mode and sends that data to our AI/ML Rule Based Engine. Data is analyzed to generate visualizations, predictions and Insights thru configurable dashboards.

PrimaGenX Platform is one stop solution for all the below
mentioned segments.

  • Real-time Data Collection
  • Secured Cloud Storage
  • User-defined Rule-based Engine
  • AI & ML based Analytics
  • Reusable Business Models
  • Parallel Processing
  • Decision supportive Insights, Predictions, Visualizations and Customizable Dashboards


PrimaConnect+ is a cloud-based data acquisition system, which collects the data in real-time from various sources like OBDII devices, IoT devices, Sensors, Other applications and stores the data in a fully secured Data Mart in PrimaSolv AWS platform.



PrimaAnalytics+ is an advanced cloud-based Analytics engine which uses AI/ML stack to perform predictive analytics and generate Dashboards for decision-makers.

Structured, semi-structured and un-structured data can be ingested by the engine to train the models.  The analytics engine is optimized to perform parallel processing of data thus by reducing time and effort.