Our Approach

As stated in our vision statement, our goal is to provide innovative and unique technical solutions to our customers. To achieve that we follow a globally recognized and accepted approach to application development, technical consultation and project management. However, our approach is not complex and complicated. We listen to and understand our customer, build their expectations and deliver a sophisticated solution to meet the expectations. We do it quite well that we have been able to build a strong clientele who has confidence and trust on us to solve their complex business problems effectively and in style.

Effective communication is the key strategy behind our success. We maintain clear, conscious and frequent two-way communication between our team and our customers. From the time that the client makes an initial inquiry with respect to his business problem, we are in constant communication with the client to get a clear understanding of the business and the prevailing problems, to explain our approach to solving the problem. We clearly communicate the target dates of completion, estimated budgets and any risks involved. During the course of the solution implementation, we provide daily or weekly updates to the clients as required, regarding the status of the projects.

We follow Agile project management principle with most of our cloud projects. The dynamics, competition and the complexity of today’s business world, the main concerns of any software project is quick time to market and quick turnover with changes. It is our understanding that Agile methodology is the best practice to cater to this challenge. Our team consists of several certified scrum masters who lead the projects using software project management best practices widely used by the industry today.

Our results-driven, continuity focused AWS experts support clients across the world with wide range of services without much business interruption. We recommend various cloud-based service options that reduce cost and scale the business. The core three elements on which our Cloud approach depends are Rapid Implementation, Cost-Effective and Reduced Risk.